Importance of Yantra

Yantra’s are generally designed in copper or silver plate. Images of deities are imprinted on the plate. It is a device for devotional purposes. It is a tool for mental concentration and worship to get the blessings of the divine powers. Yantra’s can prove beneficial for those who are facing problems without any specific reason. If you have urged to gain something in life and have believe in divine powers then you will the need to do perform puja for specific yantra and attain the desired objective.   It helps the mind to fasten on a particular idea and gives inner strength to achieve the goal. At a time macro and micro both foresees act together to make you successful in your future goals.

Yantra’s are the astrological device representing the astronomical position of the planets and its effect governs the emotions and works of human being and helps to build his fortune. A pious yantra is made on a particular date and time according to procedures defined in our Vedas.

Some people have strong belief that yantra’s are helps to break all obstacles in life, controls unfavorable things and gives happy and prosperous life. If you place the Yantra on an auspicious day in your home or workplace and worship it regularly with incense, diya and dhoop etc, you will definitely attain wealth, prosperity and lead a happy life.

Yanta’s are usually associated with particular deity and are used for specific benefits such as Shree Yantra which is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi is instrumented for material and spiritual wealth.

Worship of Shree Yantra – A person wakes up in the morning, takes bath and and prepare for conducting a puja for Shree Yantra. First of all place Shree Yantra on a red cloth in your Puja place. Now, sprinkle gangajal and offer sandalwood, rice, Kalava and perform aarti with incense sticks, diya and dhoop while chanting Lakshmi Mantra.

Shree Yantra’s mantra  “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah”

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