Vedic Powers

The Indian civilization has been existed far longer than most of the western ones. Indian epics are regularly used as a masterpiece references in the study of narrative, the world over. Our inbuilt social structure of learning has always catalyzed the modern information technology era, when Aryabhatta discovered the zero; it is greatest wealth of knowledge.

Our Vedas have all the tools we need, but we can’t see the plain sight, we have to go in deep. We have four Vedas as for knowledge is concerned, all good things in pursuit of knowledge start with the Rig Veda and helpful to seek inspiration for innovation and salvation.

The Vedanta also describes the path to personal salvation and discovery of knowledge, about the self and otherwise.

All things which are mentioned in our Vedas or Upanishads have a great role for inspiration and innovation in modern times, but you have to understand these things in deep. Perhaps it is time for Indian innovative journey to borrow invaluable inspiration for dazzling future from an epic past.


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