How to please Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is worshipped by millions of people not only in India even other countries also. Shiva is the most popular deity of Tantra and Shakti tradition. Nearly 80% Hindu literature dedicated to either Shiva or Vishnu or Shakti. Some most important reasons of following to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is unconventional. He is the Lord of Tantra. He breaks all the social customs and moral codes to convey His state of freedom. It means you do not have to worry about what you eat, how you live, what life style you follow, what norms you practice and which caste or social background you belong.

To worship Shiva you do not require the services of priest. You can walk into any Shiva temple and offer him prayers directly or you can pray to him in your heart and offer anything with love. Which means you have a direct connection with Shiva and he listens to your prayers directly.

He is a very good husband, treats his wife Parvathi with great love and respect, which means, he is the only deity who truly deserves our love and respect and represents today’s value, it is only Shiva. Shiva loves his family and children as much as his devotees. He also has an extended family of Gods and Ganas. It means one can learn from Shiva about family values and importance of loving and caring relationship.

Shiva has immense powers. He destroys our suffering, removes from impurities such as ignorance, egoism, delusion. It means if you are looking for a change or direction in your life, he is the right deity to worship.

Shiva is the world teacher, all knowledge flows from him. He is the source of all arts, crafts and sciences. He is the good musician, dancer and singer. So you choose Shiva as your inner Guru.

He is called Bholenath, the innocent one because he is pure in heart and easy to please.

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