Shankha for Vastu

Shankh (conch) has played a very important role to remove vastu dosh (architectural defects) without demolition of the building. Famous Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose did a lot of experiments on Shankh; finally he reached the conclusion and proved the scientific and medical importance of the shankh.

Shankh is of a great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism in India. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu held the Shankh usually in his left upper hand.

A powerful Shankh (conch) helps your home and working place in a way to ensure proper health, wealth and prosperity.  According to vastu shastra, having a Shankh (conch) at home or working place, removes all the negativity of vastu dosh of the building.

Vedic astha believes Shankh is ideal for religious use. If you place the Shankh in your home, working place, then you will see the success in all round in your life. It may be in business, health, wealth, fame and peaceful family atmosphere.

If you place couple of Shankhs in your home then it forms good relation between husband and wife. If you fill it with holy Ganges water and sprinkle it in your home, office, then you will see the effect that all the negative energy will disappear and positive energy will come to help in your life.

Two types of Shankh (Conch)

  1. Dakshinvarti Shankh

This shankh is known as Goddess Mahalakshmi Conch or Valampuri Conch. This divine conch are worshipped by the devotees for health, wealth, happiness and success. This shankh is open from right side. It is very rare, white in colour and contains brown line on it.

  1. Vamavarti shankh

It opens from left side. It is used in all religious activities. Astrologers also recommend this shankh to remove all the negativity from home and working place.

Benefits of the Shankh (Conch)

  1. Brings prosperity in abundance.
  2. Brings happiness, peace and prosperity in your family.
  3. Enlightens students with knowledge & memory.
  4. No shortage of money, food and clothes.
  5. Any black magic, malefic or evil effect can be removed by sprinkling Ganges water from it.


  1. South belong to Brahmin

If you place the shankh in your home in south part then it will help          students for knowledge and memory. It is helpful for career also.

2. North belongs to business

If you place the shankh in north part of your home or working place, then    you will see the abundance in money flow.

  • East Rulers

Place the shankh in east part of home. It helps in politics, law, administrative services, good money, name and fame.

     3.West Sudra

West part is not as much important as other three, but if you place the shankh in this part then it will help you in all round development.

Vastu tips basically concern the involvement of five basic elements of nature i.e. fire, water, earth, space and air.

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