Importance of Prasad or Prasadam

In Hinduism Prasad means a gracious gift of God. It could be anything, but mostly we people in general think it is edible, but it is not so. Prasad is distributed among the people in His or Her name to the followers as a gift of good sign.

Prasad is prepared by three alpha bates of Hindi Varnmala.  Pra- means Prabhu (GOD ), Sa – means  Sakshhat ( Presence of GOD ) and Da – means  Darshan ( Appearance ). In Sanskrit Prasad spelled as Prasadam and in English Prasad means Mercy of God.

In the Rig Veda Prasad is understood as a mental state experienced by Gods. In Shiva Purana references to  Prasad as a material substance. Prasad is a clear sense of confidence that one has found the way out. Prasad keeps samved from turning into hopelessness to hope. Prasad link us to GOD.

Ancient temples were built the consecration of Yantras which generate high pranic energy. So the old temples  maintains  this high cosmic energy. This high energy gets imbibed in the Prasad that is offered at the temple premises.

In today’s world, we have so many meters to measure various things,  like.. Thermometer, Barometer, Lacto meter  etc., but unfortunately, we don’t have a meter, which measures the highest pranic or cosmic energy that’s been generated in a temple. But we have one apparatus to check this energy of the temple. If you get the Prasad blessed by your favorite God or Temple in the form of Rudraksha ,  then  you can check that energy.

How to check  rudraksha- If it rotates  clockwise, the substance is positive. If it  rotates  anti – clockwise, then the substance is negative. If it rotates like that of a pendulum, then it is neither positive nor negative.

So the yantras and rudraksha as a Prasad  get  thousand  fold  basic energy from the temples, that energy reaches its highest state and becomes still energy. As a Prasad of your favorite God will be helpful manifold link to you.

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