Mahadev ( Shiva ) is Supreme of all Deities

Lord Shiva is a benevolent God. He gives what his bhakts ask for. People worship for the sake of various gains and Lord Shiva grant them, he gives material blessing also. The best way to obtain material blessing from Lord Shiva is to please Him by chanting Bhajans, observing fasts on Shivaratri, regular meditation, chanting Mantras “ OM NAMAH SHiVAYA “ , etc. If you want from Lord Shiva money and material then there is a old saying “ GOD helps those who helps themselves” and in Kannada “KAYAKAVE KAILAS “ meaning work is worship.

Shiva is the power behind all the mantras. Shiva is the lord of immortality; he is the one who has conquered death. Lord Shiva known by several names. The Shiva Purana  list 1008 names for Lord Shiva. Hinduism believes that there is one supreme being or God, all the other deities are manifestations or avatars. There are infinite manifestations of supreme being. According to Vedic scriptures the numbers are 33 million deities. All these avatars have specific qualities, powers and roles in the working of the universe. The deity worship may be required and personalize due to needed. This is why there is so many gods and so many qualities . One person may take a liking to one quality of a god and then worship Him or Her. This way he takes the first step of realization of the supreme. In Hinduism there are three main sects- Shaivism , Vashanavism  and Shaktism. All the deities are related in these sects.

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