How Yantra are useful to us

A yantra means a super power machine, which is a vehicle to speed up our thinking process in a certain direction to get our goal. The yantra creates such a phenomenal impact on our mind to convert impossible into possible by the help of unseen powers. If you are using this super power machine then you will feel the situation is changing, it enhance our mental escape. Yantas are the device, created as a support system for a particular purpose at geometric diagrams, composed of shapes such as triangles, squares, circles which represent the energy fields of specific deities. An yantra acts as a visual prop and comes in many forms. One can choose a yantra that helps you and realizes your intentions and goal. You choose a yantra associated with gods and goddess who embodies that energy.

First of all you place the yantra in a conspicuous spot, focus on it while you meditate, close your eyes, bring your attention to the centre then recite mantra can be verbal or silent. After this you will feel, you are embracing the powerful simplistic notion connected to the super powers. This practice can attain enlightenment to get the goal. If these yantas are blessed by Baba Vishwanath then the speed of thinking process and their results comes as lips and bounds.

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