Message on Maha Shivratri

This is a belief that Lord Shiva is a super power who controls all the activities happening on the planets. Hence, the dialectical culture came into being—the culture of explaining concept in the form of stories. His dialect has travelled thousands of years, giving people a glimpse of truth that exists and governs everything. Before the universe was created, it is believed that there was just darkness that pervaded everywhere. Suddenly with its own consciousness the new energy came into being and named as “Shakti” and shakti was all pervading uncontrolled, leading to a massive explosion.

The Shakti  manifested into two. One part is the consciousness and the other is matter. The uncontrolled Shakti  manifested into different creations due to the presence of that control named as Shiva. In Indian culture, they are revered as a couple. Because without shakti, the control ( Shiva ) has no significance,  and without  shiva the uncontrolled Shakti can not be manifested.  The concept of Shiva and Shakti is applicable to every aspect of the universe.

Lord Shiva known as Supreme father of the soul, because all exist in that vast consciousness. SHIVA is a state of perfect detachment, represented by his eternal silence. Shiva as being fond of cremation grounds, wearing  ash on the body, carrying a trident, drum, so on so forth. Shiva wears that ash on his body as a reminder that our existence eventually returns to dissolution.

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