Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala (rosaries)


Rudraksha Mala (necklace) is related to Lord Shiva. Mala is usually made with combination of 108+1 beads, 54+1 beads and 27+1 beads. All the size of rudraksha in one mala will be same for your personal use for daily life. Plus one (+1) is termed as Sumeru which is not crossed while chanting and one should reverse its japa.

The devotees ( Shiv Bhakta ) who wear rudraksha mala are pleasing the Gods ( Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu ). It is also mentioned in our vedic granthas that by wearing rudraksha mala, you also please all devi and devata (Lords). Even single rudraksha bead is itself powerful. One can wear rudraksha mala on auspicious or suitable day with the mantra of “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.

According to shiva Puran,rudraksha is a symbol of benevolence of Lord Shiva. You might have seen sages as well as common people wearing a rudraksha mala around their neck. It is a mystical bead that has electromagnetic character that empowers the beads to send out inductive vibration with frequencies which can be measured in units of Henry (volt / Ampere).

On medical ground rudraksha have a healing capacity for many diseases like blood circulation, heartbeat, hypertension etc. Rudraksha beads have a property of diamagnetism, helps skin beauty, skin diseases, joints pain, good for intellect, meditation, enhance memory and for good health.

Anyone can wear any mukhi rudraksha, depending on what they find and afford. If you are looking for a specific outcome, it is better to wear after consulting on expert. Even women can wear any mukhi rudraksha or rudraksha mala. Only precautions need to be vowed one should not wear the holy rudraksha bead mala during the bath, at funeral visit, during menstrual cycle.

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